On Thursday, Bishop Barber addressed a recent event at a Greenville AMC Theater while attempting to watch The Color Purple with his 90 year-old mother. During the press conference he told the story of the event, its personal impact, and how it relates to the wider struggle for Constitutional and moral rights for the differently-abled and others.

From the original press release:

When Bishop Barber, who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, insisted on using his chair Tuesday, management at the AMC Theatre told their armed security guard and the local police department they wanted him removed and if he wouldn’t leave, to charge him with trespassing. The officers told Bishop Barber they’d have to close down the theater and arrest him if he didn’t leave. He agreed to be escorted out, leaving his 90-year-old mother behind with an assistant.

Bishop Barber said the chairman and chief executive of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Adam Aron, reached out and offered to meet with him in Greenville next week to discuss the situation. Barber agreed to the meeting and is hopeful it will lead to just and good things for those with disabilities. He is inviting people with disabilities to join Friday’s press conference.


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