Waffle House Workers across the South are fighting back against inhumane conditions and poverty wages – show your support and sign their petition here.

The South has a long history of oppression and effective resistance that has transformed the US. From the Indigenous peoples whose land was violently taken, to the enslaved Africans forced to work that land, to the poor people of all races and creeds who kept the US economy running – the South is a crucible for the movements required to change the entire nation. Nearly 1.9 million North Carolinians make less than $15 per hour, that’s 37% of the workforce. That includes 28.2% of Asian and Native workers, 52.5% of Black workers, 59% of Hispanic workers, 29.1% of white workers, 45.2% of working women and 59.6% of working women of color.

We support the Waffle House Workers and uphold their demands for Safety, Ending Unfair Pay Deductions, and Fair WagesAdd your name to their demands now to stand with Waffle House Workers who are demanding that they be protected, respected and paid.

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