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The Triangle Circle includes Durham, Wake, Orange, and Chatham Counties. We are determined to unite the poor and dispossessed -- challenging systemic racism, structural poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation, and the warped moral narrative of white Christian nationalism.

We are always looking for new friends to join our circle. Catch up with our latest circle updates and connect with us on Facebook for more updates on our work.

Current Calls to Action 

  • Fed Up Political Food Distribution: We are building a project of survival because we are FED UP with a status quo that keeps people hungry and cultivates racism. We are stepping in where the government won’t: feeding each other, teaching each other, and organizing ourselves into the fusion movement needed to change the conditions that force people to go hungry. Get involved here.
    • Help distribute or deliver fresh produce to 800+ families in our twice-monthly food distribution @ Lakewood Shopping Center in Durham. Sign up for the next one here!
    • Join our virtual political education studies, where we get to the bottom of why there are so many people in poverty in the richest nation in history. Sign up for the next distribution!
    • Organizing means we build relationships with each other! We make follow-up phone calls after every distribution to connect with food recipients, hear their stories, and learn from each other. Sign up for the next phonebank!
    • We have many working groups that do the necessary work to keep the project moving. The best way to get more involved is to volunteer and connect with crew leaders, but you can also send questions to trianglencppc@gmail.com

    Like and follow us @fedupinthesouth! Facebook, instagram, twitter, and tik tok

Our core partners include Raise Up NC, Medicare4All Coalition, Forward Justice, Carolina Jews for Justice, & Tuesdays with Tillis

For more information, please email us at trianglencppc@gmail.com


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