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Demand a Moral Agenda
Contact your Congressional Representative and DEMAND the Poor People’s Moral Agenda

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SYSTEMIC RACISM: Police and Detention Policies
Open Letter To Our Nation’s Lawmakers On Systemic Racism

Demilitarize the Police

End the 1033 program that sends military equipment to local law enforcement, end all military training for law enforcement; ban the use of force as a punitive measure or means of retaliation.

COVID-19 Response in Detention Centers

WE REQUEST IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION OF A DETENTION CENTER COVID-19 PLAN TO REDUCE THE INCARCERATED POPULATION OF the CUMBERLAND COUNTY (NC) DETENTION CENTER….. in order to mitigate the health risk posed by potential clustering of the virus in the facility and our community.

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Revise Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

For non-violent crimes and misdemeanors, demand that sentencing guidelines be reviewed and revised to better fit the crime.

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HEALTHCARE: Medicare for All!
North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign has joined the Medicare for All Coalition!

We are calling on our movement members to sign a letter to members of the North Carolina Congressional Delegation, demanding they support passage of the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act of 2020.

Please read the letter and then add your name HERE. Let’s stand together and respond effectively to this pandemic crisis by advocating for an equitable, efficient, and fiscally responsible healthcare system that prioritizes public health and protects the well-being of the American people during COVID-19 and beyond.


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EDUCATION - Public School Workers Bill of Rights

Everyone is saying that these are unprecedented times. But the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown has exposed what we already knew: privatizers and their supporters in our legislature have been starving our schools to death. We’ve already been fighting for years to stop legislators from prioritizing corporate tax breaks over funding our futures. Now vultures are circling as politicians push us to choose between our children’s and our communities’ safety or our ability to make a living.

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ECOLOGY - Help End The Duke Monopoly

North Carolinians are suffering. Due to the broken nature of our monopoly electricity system, our residents and businesses are facing:

  • Constant Rate Hikes as Duke Energy uses its customers’ hard-earned money to rig the system into allowing construction of unnecessary fracked gas pipelines and power plants;
  • Environmental Devastation from repeated floods and worsening hurricanes, while Duke evades responsibility for cleaning up its toxic coal ash pollution and promotes methane from hog waste as “renewable” energy as that waste poisons communities;
  • Pollution of Our Political System as Duke Energy executives abuse their monopoly power with campaign money and undue political influence;
  • Lack of Choice and Stalled Job Growth while cheaper clean and renewable energy rapidly replaces fossil fuels and drives economic development in states with competitive energy markets.
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