On Tuesday, November 21st, Forward Justice will gather in Winston-Salem for the NAACP North Carolina’s federal court challenge to the discriminatory North Carolina Voter ID Law.

Attacks on voting rights in North Carolina have already upheld racially gerrymandered maps and overturned access to the ballot for over 56,000 North Carolinians. Now, as officials implement a discriminatory photo voter ID requirement, it continues to make voting harder for Black voters and other impacted communities.

We need your support as we continue our federal court challenge to the discriminatory North Carolina Photo Voter ID Law! Join us at 10:00am on Tuesday, November 21st, in Courtroom 4 of the Hiram H. Ward Building.

Courthouse rules require a photo ID be shown for entry and no phones are allowed in the courtroom.


Waffle House Workers Demand Better Pay and Working Conditions

 Waffle House Workers across the South are fighting back against inhumane conditions and poverty wages - show your support and sign their petition here. The South has a long history of oppression and effective resistance that has transformed the US. From the Indigenous peoples whose land was violently taken, to the enslaved Africans forced to work that land, to the poor people of all races and creeds who kept the US economy running - the South is a crucible for the movements required to change...

Letter to Hickory Daily Record on Redistricting

This week, Hickory is one of three locations scheduled for hearings on redistricting in North Carolina. While the current redistricting plan can be aptly analyzed as a partisan power grab by the General Assembly’s Republican majority, its purpose and its effects are far more devastating. It is an immoral effort to dilute and silence the voices of people of color, low-income North Carolinians, and other marginalized communities, so that the General Assembly can continue its war on education and the environment, and against Black and brown folks, women, LGBTQ+ people, and the poor.

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