Stream the Moral March in DC

On Saturday, June 29, the North Carolina Poor People’s Cammpaign joined thousands of poor and low-wage workers, impacted people, and allies in the nation’s capital. You can watch the livestream here. It is also available in Spanish.

Sign Our Pledge

As members of the June 29, 2024 Poor People’s and Low Wage Worker’s Mass Assembly and March on Washington and to the Polls, we pledge to break the silence about poverty, the fourth-leading cause of death in America.

We commit to mobilize and touch 15 million poor and low-wage voters to tell them they have the power to rise and reconstruct our government.

A Win for Day Care!

“After budget talks between the House and Senate broke down, Republican leaders in both chambers agreed to pass standalone bills that allocate $67.5 million in funding for child care centers through the end of the year, and formally authorize pay raises for teachers and other school employees… On Wednesday, police arrested protesters calling for funding for child care at the legislature, after the group chanted outside the Senate and House chambers” – Raleigh News & Observer

The Long March for Unity & Justice

The NC Poor People’s Campaign is honored to partner with the Beloved Community Center for THE LONG MARCH FOR UNITY & JUSTICE, a monumental statewide endeavor to reclaim the power of “WE THE PEOPLE.” Join us in September 2024 as we travel the diverse landscapes of the great state of NC, lifting our voices to make visible our desire for transformation and healing.

Get Out the Vote in North Carolina!

Did you know that if poor and low-income people voted at the same or greater percentage as people of higher incomes, they would have the power to sway election outcomes in every state? That is why we are organizing a team of volunteers to Get Out the Vote and to build power for the long haul!

June 12: Witness Wednesday

  RSVP:   The NC General Assembly is off the rails in its extremist campaign to take this state backwards. In recent weeks, students, immigrants, child care providers, families with small children, low-wage workers,...

May 26: Fed Up Friday in Raleigh

Forward Justice is hosting the free Fed Up Friday Festival on Sunday, May 26th from 1-4pm at Chavis Park in Raleigh. In the previous months, they have held conversations and discussed organizing strategies to better the Black and Brown communities in Wake County. Join Forward Justice in...

May 21, 2024 Newsletter

This newsletter covers the NCPPC's plan to Get Out the Vote in 2024, plus reminders about fundraising and RSVPs for June 29 in DC. It also includes updates on: Child Care for NC "Day Without Childcare" Forward Justice Press Conference on Voter ID UNC-Chapel Hill Divert $2.3 million from DEI to...

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