On Tuesday, November 21st, Forward Justice will gather in Winston-Salem for the NAACP North Carolina’s federal court challenge to the discriminatory North Carolina Voter ID Law.

Attacks on voting rights in North Carolina have already upheld racially gerrymandered maps and overturned access to the ballot for over 56,000 North Carolinians. Now, as officials implement a discriminatory photo voter ID requirement, it continues to make voting harder for Black voters and other impacted communities.

We need your support as we continue our federal court challenge to the discriminatory North Carolina Photo Voter ID Law! Join us at 10:00am on Tuesday, November 21st, in Courtroom 4 of the Hiram H. Ward Building.

Courthouse rules require a photo ID be shown for entry and no phones are allowed in the courtroom.


More Bills from the NCGA to Hurt the Poor

On October 10, the NC General Assembly majority overrode Gov. Cooper’s veto on several bills. Taken as a whole, these new laws will harm poor and low-wage North Carolinians by limiting voter access, defunding the election process, removing clean water protections, and creating further ecological devastation.

Letter in Mountain Xpress on Health Care

As of Dec. 1, 600,000 uninsured North Carolinians will become eligible for lifesaving health care. While the move is to be applauded, we should remember that the state “reformed” (privatized) Medicaid for those on the rolls already, and that lawmakers resisted taking this federal money for nearly a decade while thousands of poor and low-wealth people died from lack of care – at the rate of one or two every day.

NCPPC and Democracy Out Loud Press Conference

In collaboration with the North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign and 7 Directions of Service, Democracy Out Loud will hold a press conference and protest on Tuesday, October 10th at 11:30 am to urge legislators to protect North Carolinians’ right to vote freely and fairly, and to protect our environment. Anti-voter bills SB 747 and SB 749 have been vetoed by Governor Cooper because they will make it harder for North Carolinians to cast their ballots and will destroy our county and state Boards...

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