Child care workers and NCPPC members arrested for protesting for child care funding inside the legislature.

Activists demanding funding for childcare arrested at legislative building. “Eight activists demanding lawmakers allocate $300 million in emergency childcare funding were arrested Wednesday inside the state legislative building after NC General Assembly Police warned them to stop singing and chanting. Police told protesters that they’d received a noise complaint.” – NC Newsline

Child care advocates, clergy arrested inside NC legislature. “Those arrested were part of a coalition of child care providers, parents and clergy who had a day of action planned at the legislature to call on lawmakers to provide funding to child care centers ahead of what they dubbed a ‘child care funding cliff.’ Advocates included members from the North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign, Repairers of the Breach and Forward Justice.” – Raleigh News & Observer Non-Paywall Link

NC lawmakers pass child care funding and authorize teacher raises amid budget impasse. “On what was expected to be the final day of legislative business this week, state lawmakers passed provisions extending funding for child care centers and authorizing previously passed teacher raises to go into effect. After budget talks between the House and Senate broke down, Republican leaders in both chambers agreed to pass standalone bills that allocate $67.5 million in funding for child care centers through the end of the year, and formally authorize pay raises for teachers and other school employees… On Wednesday, police arrested protesters calling for funding for child care at the legislature, after the group chanted outside the Senate and House chambers.” – Raleigh News & Observer

North Carolina legislators consider vetoes, constitution changes as work session winds down. “A group organized by the North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign and others came to the Legislative Building to vocally demand action on child care funding. By midday eight demonstrators were arrested after police said they declined to stop singing in the rotunda between the House and Senate chambers.” – AP News

NC House lawmakers pass $67M in stopgap funding to stave off child care cliff. “State House lawmakers, locked in a budget standoff, passed an emergency stopgap funding measure Wednesday aimed at helping child care centers keep their doors open. The measure, Senate Bill 357, would allocate about $67 million in emergency funding for child care for the first half of the fiscal year. It passed unanimously without debate and now goes to the Senate for consideration.” – WRAL

Advocates arrested at General Assembly after protesting end of child care funding. “Eight protesters, including several clergy members, were arrested inside the North Carolina General Assembly building on Wednesday while loudly demanding that lawmakers address the childcare funding cliff that could cause a third of the state’s childcare centers to close and leave the parents of 100,000 children scrambling to find alternatives. The protesters, part of a larger group that included the Poor People’s Campaign and Repairers of the Breach, gathered outside the doors to the Senate chamber and demanded the legislature replace the federal funding that is set to expire on June 30. Without new funding, childcare centers will have to decide whether to cut pay to teachers, raise costs for parents, or close entirely.” – Cardinal & Pine

6+ people arrested at NC State Capitol during protests for child care funding. “Police arrested eight people at the state legislative building Wednesday who were there to call for more funding for child care. General Assembly Police told the group they received a noise complaint about them. They were between the House and Senate chambers and at one point chanted, ‘Speaker Moore! Speaker Moore! What are you afraid of?'” – CBS 17 Video

At least 6 people arrested at NC State Capitol during protests for child care funding. “At least 6 people were arrested at the North Carolina State Capitol Wednesday during protests about child care funding, according to police.” – WFMY 2

House passes temporary child care funding aimed to last until budget agreement. “The House passed the proposal Wednesday after child care providers and other advocates rallied at the legislature for state child care funding. Eight people were arrested after marching inside the legislature.” – EdNC

Eight arrested during childcare rally at General Assembly. “Eight people were arrested on Wednesday as part of a ‘Deadline for Day Care’ rally at the North Carolina General Assembly building. Organizers, advocates, and faith leaders were gathering to voice their displeasure to state lawmakers for what they say was their failure to provide enough funding for childcare centers across North Carolina, still reeling from the hit they took during COVID-19. ‘This General Assembly is out of control. And we went down there today to say our kids are worth it. Our kids are who we want to fight for,’ said organizer Rob Stephens. ‘And childcare providers and teachers shouldn’t be going homeless. Because that’s what’s happening.'” – ABC 11

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