From Blue Ridge Public Radio:

The North Carolina Moral March to the polls mobilizing tour stopped in Asheville last night. Bishop William J. Barber II, national co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, addressed many issues including wage disparity, Medicaid, and food insecurity.

“This State Assembly has made it easier to get a gun than to get food,” Barber said. “Both U.S. Senators voted against living wages. Both of them voted against 320,000 people in this state. 372,000 in North Carolina are expected to lose Medicaid by March 2024.” Barber listed several statistics about the state’s most vulnerable people. Read more…


From BNN: The People’s Network

In the heart of North Carolina, a movement is underway. Spearheaded by faith leaders and activists, including the prominent Minister Bishop Bill Barber and advocate Rodney Sadler, a robust call to action is echoing through the streets of Charlotte and Hickory. Their mission? To galvanize low-wage workers to make their voices heard at the polls during the early voting period, which kicked off this Thursday. This initiative, part of a broader tour organized by ‘Repairers of the Breach’ and the N.C. Poor People’s Campaign, aims to spotlight the pressing needs of the poor and marginalized within the community.

The rally is more than a gathering; it’s a clarion call for justice and democracy in action. Bishop Barber’s passionate leadership, alongside groups like the N.C. Poor People’s Campaign, emphasizes the vital role that low-wage workers play in the fabric of society. Their message is clear: every vote counts, and the power to shape the future of North Carolina lies in the hands of its citizens. As the tour prepares to make its next stop in Asheville on Sunday, anticipation builds for the National Day of Action on Tuesday. This pivotal event will culminate with a news conference at the North Carolina Assembly in Raleigh, marking a critical moment in the lead-up to the state’s primary on March 5, Super Tuesday. Read more…

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