On October 10, the NC General Assembly majority overrode Gov. Cooper’s veto on several bills. Taken as a whole, these new laws will harm poor and low-wage North Carolinians by limiting voter access, defunding the election process, removing clean water protections, and creating further ecological devastation.

You can read more about the laws from Progress NC Action here.

These laws stand in direct contrast to the demands of the Poor People’s Campaign, such as:

  • The immediate full restoration and expansion of the Voting Rights Act.
  • Adequate funding for polling places to accommodate the full participation of the electorate.
  • 100 percent clean, renewable energy and a public jobs program to transition to a green economy that will put millions of people in sustainable living wage jobs.
  • A fully funded public water and sanitation infrastructure that keeps utilities and services under public control and prioritize poor, rural and Native communities that have been harmed by polluting and extractive industries.
  • Consistent, safe, reliable and affordable access to water and sanitation services such as refuse collection, containment and sewage systems.
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