The NC General Assembly is off the rails in its extremist campaign to take this state backwards. In recent weeks, students, immigrants, child care providers, families with small children, low-wage workers, voting rights advocates and many others have been coming to Raleigh to sound the alarm on their policy violence. It’s time for us all to come back while the NCGA is in session to bear witness and shine the light on their backroom deals and policy violence.

Join us for a Witness Wednesday at the People’s House on June 12, 2024 at 11:00am. We will gather and rally at the new North Carolina Freedom Park, at the corner of Wilmington and Lane Streets (218 N. Wilmington Street) and then process over to the General Assembly.

If the NC General Assembly doesn’t fund early childhood education in June, nearly 1/3 of childcare providers may have to shut down, leaving nearly 100,000 kids without care, families without options and small business owners committed to the precious children of this state with their life dreams ripped from them. Instead of rushing to fund our kids and schools, they are campaigning on spending hundreds of millions of dollars on private school vouchers for families that can already afford private schools. 

Their attacks on public education extend to higher education as we saw at last week’s UNC Board of Governors’ meeting where two young people were arrested while trying to speak out against the NCGA’s handpicked board’s vote to end DEI programs. 

They are coming after immigrant families by trying to terrorize communities, they’re attacking freedom of speech in multiple bills including one that makes it illegal to wear a mask. And they want to keep cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations, with plans to fill the funding gap with video gambling and casinos. They are playing a dangerous game with our communities and we need to have a unified response.

We need to make a witness and let the state know what they are doing with OUR money and OUR futures. 

It’s time to come to Raleigh and tell the NC General Assembly: Forward Together, Not One Step Back.


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