September 12, Raleigh — Coming out of the tragedy at UNC-Chapel Hill a few weeks ago, these students are connecting the dots between gun violence and the policy violence of our extremist NC General Assembly. After their long train of abuses this session, and after losing at the US Supreme Court, Moore and Berger are following the lead of Cleta Mitchell and pushing voter suppression schemes to insulate themselves from the voters. The young people who organized this event are eager to build coalitions and work with the movement community in North Carolina!

‘Vote them out’: UNC students rail against NC lawmakers as they demand stricter gun laws, Herald Sun

“Why does this keep happening? We have had shooting after shooting after shooting for decades,” said Luke Diasio, an activist with UNC’s chapter of March For Our Lives. “For too long, we have been so blinded by gun rights that we have neglected our own human rights.”

‘The lockdown generation’ calls on Republicans to reform gun laws, NC Newsline

“Being part of the lockdown generation is not something you want to be a part of,” said Leah Krevat, a 20-year-old who has been a gun reform activist for five years. “We need to pass background checks, red flag laws that ban assault weapons, because we can’t keep living like this.”

UNC student activists rally against gun violence in Raleigh, WRAL

“While no law or set of laws will end gun violence in totality … it is clear that we need some form of action,” sophomore Amie Boakye said. “If we can save even one child’s life then we need to do something.”

Members of NCPPC Stand with Durham Sanitation Workers

Monday, August 14th: Impacted and Faith Leaders Tell the NCGA to Cease & Desist

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